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Supplementary Services

Becoming a powerful literary voice is no small feat. But with the right support, publishing the book of your dreams can be a painless experience.

We know you have unique challenges, needs, and preferences so we let you completely choose or add features that will make your book look just as you want it to be, at a minimal cost.

Select the perfect supplementary services for your publishing needs below. If you don’t find what you are looking for, talk to us and we’ll be happy to help you with your specific add-on requests.

Book Illustration Services

Engage the visual senses of your readers with eye-catching book cover design and inspiring interior illustrations. Work with our professional illustrators and artists to translate your vision into a book that stands out in online searches and physical bookstores. Choose from these add-on illustration services:

  • Cover Design
    Create a strong sales pitch for your book with a stellar book cover artwork. Get a quote now.
  • Children's Book Illustration
    Choose from basic to comprehensive illustration services. Price starts at $110.

Hardback Upgrade

Got plenty of requests for a Collector’s Edition of your book? No need to change your publishing package. Simply request for a hardback upgrade and get a beautiful, longer-lasting hardbound version of your book with either a leather or a paper dust jacket protecting its main cover.

Editing and Data Entry

  • Editorial Assessment - One of our highly-qualified editors will read a sample of your work, ideally the first chapter of your book, for a thorough review. Afterwards, you will receive recommendations on how you can polish your book. You can either make the suggested changes yourself, hire a freelance editor, or pay for specific editorial services at Coffee Press.
  • Copyediting - Collaborate with diligent copyeditors to ensure every punctuation mark in your book is in the right place. Catch all misspellings and grammar mistakes based on Chicago Manual Style of Writing when you hire one of our killer copyeditors to do this tedious yet necessary work for a polished book. If you do this, you won’t need to deal with critics and readers who question the quality of your book.
  • Line Editing - Sometimes a manuscript fraught with issues in diction or syntax needs more than copyediting. Although some authors enjoy editing their own writing, others would rather pay someone else to do the grunt work for them. If you prefer to get a second pair of fresh eyes to review your book, our meticulous line editors would be glad to relieve you of this burden.
  • Developmental Editing - To fit editorial requirements, most published authors hire professional developmental editors. These editors evaluate the flow of story, consistency of characters, and adequacy of dialogues to fine-tune most fiction books. For non-fiction works, they look at the theme, organization, clarity of concepts, choice of words, writing styles and more. Luckily, Coffee Press has well-experienced editors who can suggest improvements for your book.
  • Data Entry (Scanned/Handwritten) - Have a handwritten manuscript or scanned work that need to be retyped? As long as the handwriting is readable, our Data Entry assistant or typist will take care of it.


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