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Coffee Press Inc.

Brewing success for authors

As an independent publishing company, Coffee Press believes in the transformative power of stories. Whether it's your first draft or your fiftieth novel, your book can affect and influence.

Designed to fuel your success, our marketing, advertising, and publishing brews are customized to answer varying editorial needs. We collaborate with you in maximizing publishing technologies, so you can sit back and focus on crafting your next masterpiece.

Whatever genre you engage in, we guarantee your book the same outcome: a hot success.

Why We Do What We Do

Nowadays, anyone can self-publish. But not all authors can self-publish successfully.

Coffee Press is dedicated to bridging this gap for writers through cost-efficient, out-of-the-box solutions. Our reason: Every writer deserves his own book, and every reader deserves a compelling story. Our greatest reward is when authors get a sip of their own success. We don't stop until you do.

Your brewers

Created in 2016, our New York hub houses the country's most innovative creatives and marketers, spearheaded by visionaries with over a decade of publishing expertise. Like coffee, we serve as the fuel that enable authors to stir souls with their stories, affording them unparalleled access to readers anywhere in the world. Our personalized solutions are devoted to making publishing and marketing your book hassle-free, so you can spend more time on what you do best: inspiring a movement through words.

The Coffee Press Advantage

Enjoy these benefits that publishing with Coffee Press yields.

•   Tailor-fitted solutions for diverse authors

Every book is a unique expression of a unique imagination. As such, we personalize our services based on each individual author's objectives and needs. Be it a new book cover, an editorial assessment, or an online marketing campaign, Coffee Press ensures you can capture your targeted audience.

•   Unmatched support

Our commitment is rooted in client satisfaction. From onboarding to reader acquisition, you can expect full assistance every step of the way. Our service does not cease until you are beyond happy.

•   Author-dictated pricing

As the brains behind your book, you deserve the best value for your work. We don't demand unnecessary fees or commissions. Your book, your price.

Let's get brewing today. Contact us to inquire.


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